23-24 January 2024
Italy at Hand International

Italy at Hand International - France

Italy at Hand International - Francia
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We pulled down the curtain on the Italy at a Hand '23 event but who wants to slow down? 😎
We are already in "on the road" mode and we are about to make our debut in France! Already! Salut, mes amis français!

With us a team of #15 Italian operators ready to conquer the scene: hotels & hotel chains, convention bureaux & DMO, DMC and congress centers with the aim of highlighting the destination Italy in all its splendor!
Over the course of the two evenings we will meet more than 70 clients, including corporate event agencies, corporates and associations. Yes, you read that right, 70!
But be careful, we only have ONE free seat.

If you want a taste of this Italian-French adventure, write to Cristina@conventionbureauitalia.com