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Italy for Weddings

italy for weddings

The first national Destination Wedding project

The Italy for Weddings (IfW) project is designed for our wonderful Italian Wedding Destinations and for the industry’s operators to promote their offers and locations within the Destination Wedding sector. IfW assists operators in learning about the market’s trends, with the possibility of receiving personalised promotion and research, training with experts, and a lot more. IfW is a 360 degrees service dedicated to you and to all of the industry’s operators that wish to invest and self-promote in the wedding sector. 

CBItalia has invested in a strong Wedding division so that its current and future members might implement their knowledge of the sector through personalised research, analysis, and investigations. As a consequence, Italy for Weddings members will have the opportunity to access new types of networking. As always, CBItalia’s goal is to value Italian excellencies, and to offer to anyone who would like to create connections abroad the chance to do so in one of Italy’s most successful sectors: the Wedding sector.

the study

Why investing in Destination Wedding?

Italy knows how to be loved. It cannot be denied that romance is an appealing side of our country, a part of us as Italians, but it is also a real life force that can pervade everything. Breathtaking sunsets, mountain castles and extra-luxury villas, secluded sea caves, a lovely climate and high-quality food make Italy particularly suited to host any kind of wedding. This is why we are the most popular destination for foreign couples who wish to marry abroad, as documented by a 2019 research by Centro Studi Turistici that maps the sector’s revenue, trends, and favourite Italian destinations.

Our mission

IfW was born to offer operators from this sector the chance to value and promote their excellencies abroad through its ample offer of services. The aim is to support and strengthen Italian destinations and the sector’s operators to help them become key players for international interlocutors interested in the Destination Weddings in Italy.


  • Analysis and research

  • Online promotion

  • Tailor-made training

  • Networking activities

  • Sector’s analysis

  • Qualified database

  • International fairs